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Introducing a new logo

TAGAR takes the opportunity of its presence on the MIDEST exhibition to introduce the result of months of efforts: its new logo, chosen by the team. This new logo is an image of TAGAR’s willingness for dynamism. It also represents our know-how in heavy gauge steel finishing.  .

We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do.





logo tagar

TAGAR strengthens its team

oxycutting plasma

Cut to length steel

Sign of our determination to progress in the long term, and sustain our results, TAGAR has strengthened its team with the hire of a new multiskill operator, Anthony. After a training period on our flame cutting and plasma cutting tables, he will dedicate himself to our customers satisfaction in tailor made steel finishing and welded beams elements in large dimensions / heavy gauge.

TAGAR is investing in heavy gauge steel flattening

Heavy gauge steel flattening up to 25 mm thickness

Flattening high capacity

The best in heavy gauge steel flattening : TAGAR invested roughly 1 M€ to get the best : A new automatism and a new high capacity flattening equipment, to plan coils up to 25 mm thickness / 2000 mm width. Always listening to the needs in tailor made steel cutting, TAGAR is offering a “war weapon” to its customers. Competitors are far behind.

up to 25 mm flattening

A steel sheet 20 mm thickness 24 390 mm +1/-0 length out of the new flattening machine.

TAGAR has been granted maximum score by a costumer.


For the second year in a row, TAGAR received from a costumer a score of “100 %” on criteria “Delivery date reliability” and “products conformity”

This is a result of a team work, dedicated to deliver the best in steel finishing and slitting heavy gauge large dimensions.


“Customer satisfaction” is not only a word for us, it’s a way of working.

TAGAR is recuiting

After Julien, a maintenance alternance training technician, TAGAR did recruit Marc, 28, multiskilled oxycutting and plasma operator.

Welcome to both of you, thanks to help us serve our customers in steel finishing.

Tailor made steel

Marc is joining us for steel finishing in heavy jauge large dimensions steel finishing.

With the summer, TAGAR is getting better !

TAGAR had a very busy summer-break : improvement of the flatness of the plasma cutting table, heavy maintenance on 60 % of our bridge cranes, set up of a new equipment for perfect packaging, improvement of the high-capacity automatic strapping machine, as well as main facade repainting. We’re now ready to serve our customers in steel finishing !

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